Green SPS Challenge

<h2><strong>About the Challenge</strong></h2><p style="text-align:justify;">Eurovia is Europe’s leading expert in the mobility service industry with expertise in roads, motorways, railways, airports, tram lines. Sogea-Satom is a major player in building and civil engineering in Africa. Among their top priorities is a longstanding commitment to environmental excellence, supporting eco-friendly development, and it is this dedication that has inspired this exciting online challenge: the Green SPS Challenge!&nbsp;</p><p style="text-align:justify;">While the challenge is specific to road construction, ideas of all kinds are welcome, and could include:</p><ul><li>Energy savings</li><li>Minimizing resource consumption</li><li>Reclamation of construction and demolition debris</li><li>Optimized reintegration of used materials in the natural resource cycle</li><li>Space-saving construction</li><li>Secondary and tertiary use of infrastructure<br>&nbsp;</li></ul><blockquote><p><i>We are looking forward to receive your groundbreaking ideas on the Ideation Track, and your mature solutions/products/services on the Startup Track! More infos on tracks and prizes below!</i></p></blockquote><p>&nbsp;</p><h2><strong>Timeline of the Challenge&nbsp;</strong></h2><ul><li><strong>April 27: </strong>Submissions open on both tracks</li><li><strong>June 5:</strong> Submission deadline for both tracks</li><li><strong>June 13:</strong> Six finalists are announced (3 on each track)</li><li><strong>June 25:</strong> Final demo day, winners announcement of ideation track</li><li><strong>July 9:</strong> Winners announcement of startup track<br>&nbsp;</li></ul><h2><strong>Your Participation&nbsp;</strong></h2><p><strong>Ready to go?</strong> We're welcoming <strong><u>everyone with or without a background in civil engineering</u></strong> to submit their innovative idea through the ideation track (see challenge track details below) - students are welcome!&nbsp;<br><strong><u>If you're a startup with a solution, product or service</u></strong> that will help bring Eurovia's business to the next green level, submit your idea through the startup track! More info on the program <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">here</a>.&nbsp;</p>