Eurovia is Europe’s leading expert in the mobility service industry
with expertise in roads, motorways, railways, airports, and tram lines.
Sogea-Satom is a major player in building and civil engineering in Africa.

Among their top priorities is a longstanding commitment to environmental excellence, supporting eco-friendly development, and it is this dedication that has inspired this exciting online challenge: the Green SPS Challenge!

Participants were asked to deliver innovative ideas that would reduce their carbon footprint and CO2 emissions throughout the entire roadway construction life-cycle.

The Green SPS Challenge was an immense success with numerous submissions that thrilled the judges! Here are some of the event's top highlights:

  • 280+ participants from 46 countries
  • 70+ submissions from 29 countries
  • 6 winners from 5 countries on
    3 continents

to the winners of the 2020 Eurovia and Sogea-Satom Green SPS Challenge!

After months of preparation and hard work, 6 teams have emerged victorious thanks to their  innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions that result from roadway construction.

Startup Track

First Place:

Ecotech RDC

Our binder in comparison with concrete and bitumen, offers better resistance, elasticity, and thermal insulation thanks in particular to recycled plastic. - Resistance to breakage of pavers manufactured with our eco-binder: 31N / mm2 (<50 years of life) vs 18N / mm2 for reinforced concrete and 7.8N / mm2 for bitumen; - Our roads are half the cost; - Fights the plastic pollution

Third Place:


We help construction projects empower their surrounding local communities through inclusive reforestation. Locals plant and sustain trees in Green Blocks, local reforestation zones near construction sites. Using blockchain technology, even unbanked communities will be able to plant trees and sell the tokenized carbon credits globally, or to the same company impacting their environment; A Win-Win!

Second Place:


Our tool incorporates emissions calculations, visualization and breakdown on a dashboard, automated action plans to reduce the emissions, and a certified project to offset the rest. Plan A is the first solution that incorporates all of these features into one tool. This, and the SaaS model, is designed to reduce the barriers to entry many businesses face when trying to tackle their footprint.


Designed for entrepreneurial teams and organizations with formal experience.



Didier Deschanel

Innovation Director, Eurovia

Jean-Michel Guelaud

CEO, Sogea-Satom

Tim Lorenz

CEO, Eurovia Germany

If you’ve got a great idea, have questions about the challenge or just want to get in touch, email us with the subject line “Green SPS Challenge” at one of the following;

Eurovia: or info@via-imc.comSogea-Satom: